Ron Brown Scholarship 2023 Deadline, Essay, Requirements

African American students are the target audience for the Ron Brown Scholarship. This is a selective scholarship program that supports the higher education of intelligent and community driven African Americans Students.

It aims to boosts the progress of intellectually gifted students and help them to achieve influential leadership roles and thrilling opportunities.

It can be categorized as merit scholarship as well as minority scholarship. This scholarship is designed to honor the legacy of Ronald H.Brown, who was Secretary of Commerce and begin in 1996.

The four pillars of Roland Brown were to uplift people of all ethnicities, cultures and races particularly young people. It fulfils tuition, books, accommodation and all other costs during your degree.

Ron Brown Scholarship
Ron Brown Scholarship

Ron Brown Scholarship 2023 Key Highlights

Name Of SchemeRon Brown Scholarship
BeneficiaryStudents of minority community (African American)
Launched ByCAP Charitable Foundation
Last Date9th January
ObjectiveTo provide financial assistance to poor students of minority communities for completing their education
Ron Brown Scholarship 2023 Key Highlights

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who want to apply for this scholarship should meet the following requirements in order to submit their applications. The eligibility criteria of this scholarship is as follows:

  • Students should belong to the African community or be intellectually gifted African Americans.
  • He should demonstrate excellent leadership potential.
  • He should have participated in the community services and also other activities of the same nature.
  • He should belong to a humble background and requires financial assistance.
  • His academic performance should be excellent. Also, he must possess a visa for permanent residence or be a US citizen.
  • College students cannot apply for this scholarship.
  • The application must be studying as a current high school senior at the time of application.

If you do not qualify for this scholarship make sure to check eligibility criteria of Mike Row Scholarship.

Required Documents

Following additional documents are mandatory for the application of Ron Brown Scholarship:

  • An official copy of your latest transcript verified by your high school.
  • For the application procedure, two letters of recommendation are necessary.
  • Two 500 words essay questions are required for application.
  • Standardized Testing Score (optional)

Ron Brown Letter of Recommendation

The letter of recommendation plays a pivotal role in the selection process as it provides selectors insight of your personality and your potential skills.

A high school teacher or administrator should write the first reference letter since it will be seen as very trustworthy.

The second letter can be given by anyone who knows you well and is willing to discuss your achievements, leadership skills and community services in detail.

All of them are necessary to be added to your letter of recommendation as it provides a selector bright prospect of your personality.

However, getting a letter of recommendation from your family members or relatives should be avoided. It is important to complete this process easily before the application deadline as last actions lead to some problems.

Ron Brown Scholarship Program Essay

The first essay answers the specific question while the second essay deals with your personality. Also, it provides you a chance to showcase your abilities, talents and skills in your own voice.

It is designed to know about personality, your achievements and your potential so it is important to be honest, creative and provide complete information about yourself in your essay.

Selectors evaluate the personality of the applicant through the essay, so it is important to craft your story in the best possible way within 500 words.

Important Dates

If you are applying for Ron Brown Scholarships then you need to know about some important dates. The dates that are important for you are in the table below.

Early application submission deadlineNovember 1
Final postmarked deadline for application submissionJanuary 9th
Application ReviewJanuary – March
Semi-finalists are announcedMid February
Finalists are announcedEarly March
Winners are announcedApril 15
important dates

Selection Criteria

In the case of the Ron Brown Scholarship, students are selected on the basis of their academic excellence, leadership qualities, community engagement and their experience as black students.

It majorly supports intellectual students from the African American community and also, provides them a chance to prove themselves in different skills by showing their talents and skills.

How To Apply For The Ron Brown Scholarship?

It is now time for you to submit your application after finishing all of the aforementioned stages.

Ron Brown Scholarship Official Website
Ron Brown Scholarship Official Website
  • After reading the following instructions, download the application form and print it.
  • Now fill the application form carefully by reading each section in detail.
  • After doing this, you can send your application form along with other material in two ways i.e. via mail or email.
  • In case of mail, print all pages and send your material in a single package while in case of email all the information should be sent in the form of one message to the following email [email protected].

Selection Procedure

After submission of applications, a review of the detail selection process begins that includes three rounds i.e. first round, semifinal round and final round.

Students who are able to advance to semifinals and finals round are contacted by National Selection Committee members.

By the middle of February, semi-finalists will be informed, and in March, the winners will be invited to Washington.

In early May, once they have been interviewed, the final list of applicants will be published online.

Ron Brown Scholarship Awards And Benefits

This scholarship is designed to support disadvantaged young students.

  • It awards at least 45-50 four year $40,000 scholarships to the students.
  • Students get $10000 each year to fulfil their financial needs. Also, this scholarship can be used by students to enroll in any four-year university program in the United States.
  • It does not bind students to any particular field or subject. Also, it can be used by the student to pursue their degree in any academic discipline.

Also check the awards and benefits provided by Courage To Grow Scholarship.

Scholarship Awarding Rate

Ron Brown Scholarship engages applicants who are high school seniors and it is also a highly competitive scholarship.

Every year 5000 applicants pursue their entry in this scholarship, out of which only 45 are selected. Since 1996, Ron Brown scholar program provided scholarships to only 534 students.

Contact Information

Contact email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Question

When the winners are notified?

The application process ends on 9th January while the winners are notified in May through the website.

Is it possible for students earning college aid to get a scholarship?

No, it is not possible for students who are already acquiring aid.

Can any other national except African American could apply?

No, this scholarship is specifically designed for the African American community.


Ron Brown scholarship intends to help the students of minority communities i.e. community-minded and intellectually gifted African American by providing them equal chances.

It provides financial assistance to students to participate in leadership programs and also to complete their higher educational degrees and participate in the well being of society and community.

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