NC Opportunity Scholarship 2023-24 Requirements, Awards

Children from low-income homes can receive private school vouchers via the NC Opportunity Scholarship Program.

Low-income families can utilize these school vouchers to cover their children’s tuition, transportation, essential supplies, and other private school-related costs.

The lottery-style method of choosing winners from deserving contenders is used. The North Carolina General Assembly established this scholarship program in 2014 to help lower-class families.

For kids in kindergarten through grade 12 who will attend a qualified nonpublic school, it will aid with tuition costs.

nc opportunity scholarship 2023-24
nc opportunity scholarship 2023-24

Key Highlights Of NC Opportunity Scholarship 2023-24

Name of ScholarshipNC Opportunity Scholarship
Founded byNorth Carolina General Assembly
BeneficiaryStudents from kindergarten to 12th grade
ObjectivesTo support students from the working class to complete their education
Last Date1st March, 2024 (tentative)
Official Website

Eligibility Criteria

The following is a description of the requirements for the NC Opportunity Scholarship. The candidates should proceed with the application only if they are eligible according to the below mentioned criteria :

  • Students who live in households with incomes below 175 percent of the federal poverty level (FRL) are eligible to apply for this award.
  • For a family of four, FRL shouldn’t cost more than $89,841.
  • Additionally, students had to have gone to a public school the preceding semester.
  • Without attending public school, kindergarteners, first-graders, and those who were dependent on full-time active military personnel in the previous year may also be eligible for this award.
  • By August 31 applicants must be at least five years old and have received state approval for kindergarten.
  • Students must live in North Carolina and also must not be high school graduates.
  • Candidates must enroll full-time at a North Carolina public charter school or a Defense school.

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Required Document

If the candidate is eligible then they have to submit the following documents for NC Opportunity Scholarship:

  • Completed Application Documentation of North Carolina Residency.
  • Your family’s income documentation submitted to the government.
  • Institute information about the last institution you attended.
  • Your transcripts.
  • Past academic records
  • Birth certificate.

Application Deadline

The application period for eligible families is from February 1 to March 1. Families that submit their applications before the window closes in late April will be given a prize for the initial round.

Families that apply after March 1 will only be granted throughout the summer if funds are still available. In June, the winners are declared.

The Process For Applying For NC Opportunity Scholarship

The application procedure for scholarships is relatively easy. Candidates must verify and confirm all qualifying conditions.

If candidates match all of the aforementioned criteria, it is crucial to evaluate their income eligibility after that.

  • Create an account on the portal website,
  • A new page will open. Click the drop down next to the question “are you a parent applying on behalf of the student”. Select yes if you are the parent. Select no otherwise.
nc opportunity scholarship applicant type selection page
nc opportunity scholarship applicant type selection page
  • A create account form will open according to your selection

For Students

For Parents

  • Complete the form with required information and create your account.
  • Now use the credential to login and complete your application.

The candidates will also receive an email regarding the filing of the application on the portal.

Rewards And Benefits Offered In The Scholarship

The amount of scholarship is up to $42,000 per student i.e. $21,000 is allocated per student in each semester.

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Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Contact: 1-855-330-3955 (K12 Program staff toll-free)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can North Carolina scholarships be used for private schools?

Yes, students are not required to attend public school to get North Carolina Scholarship.

Why is the lottery system adopted in the scholarship?

Due to the scarcity of funds and a large number of eligible candidates, a lottery system is introduced to select a few students for awards without any biases.

How does the lottery system apply to siblings?

Student from same family is allotted one lottery number

Can students who stay in school until 21 years be eligible to get a scholarship?

Yes, all students who have not graduated from higher school and are less than 22 are eligible to get a scholarship.


NC opportunity scholarship aims to provide educational freedom in North Carolina by providing tuition assistance to low-income families.

It aims to provide equal access to school to children from the working class by allowing students to join the school of their choice.

Due to the large number of applicants and limited resources, the scholarship is based on the lottery system to ensure equal opportunities for all students.

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